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    About the game

    Welcome to our CSGONERF.COM jackpot of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins!



    How does the game work?

    All members contribute items and skins of CS: GO. When there is 100 items in pot or the countdown goes down, the system randomly selects a winner who takes all items. The more skins you add the bigged your chance to win.
    How does this work?

    Everything is simple and easy:

    1. You send your skins to our bot(make a deposit)
    2. he system charges you points-tickets (Each skin has a price on the trading floor). For example: If your item is worth $ 1, you will get 100 points. And the skin package price of $ 100, you will get 10,000 points. And so on.
    3. Upon reaching the maxmimum of 100 items, we collect all the points issued together and randomly select one winner. Chance to win is biggest if you deposited most.

    The larger and more expensive items you bet, the more chance to hit the jackpot! But, even putting one case, you have the opportunity to receive all of the items!

    Rules and Features:

    1. The site has several rooms (for information about them, you can find in the corresponding room above the knife).
    2. Minimum deposit and the maximum number of objects depends on which room you're playing.
    3. if you put four skins too late they will go to the next game. If you put skins in the last seconds of the round, it is likely that they will fall only to the next round, it depends on the exchange rate stim treatment site for it is not responsible.
    4. System take taxes from 1 to 7 % depending on the value of winnings..If you have 85% or more chances to win,you get 0% taxes
    5. Max items to bet: 20
    6. For adding CSGONERF.COM commision drops to 5%
    7. Winnings is transmitted instantly, automatically. In rare cases, the issue of time may be delayed up to a few minutes.
    8. you do not pick up the win in one hour, it will be canceled. It is necessary that the bot inventory doesnt get full so often. The commission is calculated from the total pot of the game.
    9. Whenever you deposit,you agree to Terms and conditions of the site.
    10. If your inventory is private, or you specified an incorrect trade lini inventory, then within an hour you can fix it yourself or with the help of technical support. We will try / attempt to send your winnings within the allotted time.
    11. You have 15 minutes to accept your winnings offers,if you wont,you might lose your items forever!.
    12. The maximum time the game is governed by rules that can be found on the home page.
    13. We accept skins just for CS: GO. If the deposit will transfer items from other games or the service Steam, such offers will be rejected automatically.
    14. We can guarantee a correct valuation of things only when it is on the Marketplace Steam platform, otherwise your item may be incorrectly assessed. The cost of an object on the site corresponds to the lowest price of this item on the Marketplace.
    15. For errors of steamm, which entail such problems as the wrong calculation of the value of an object or multiple objects, unsent trades, errors in the transmission of things, will not count unsent winnings administration does not bear responsibility Site.
    16. We reserve the right to give back different items but for the same value
    17. We will not accept your friend requests,if you want to ask something do it in technical support.
    18. If your item was not added to the game, and hung on the bot - just 5 minutes bot is looking for such things and puts them in the game, they will not be returned manually. This happens in the critical moments of lag Steam.
    19. Administrators of this site may ban you for mats and insults and provocations, for begging, for reports of backspin. The administration reserves the right to ban you for violations without warning.
    20. In rare cases, the administration reserves the right to delete any messages, chat to clean and block any user without explanation.


    1. We do not store any user data, except those that can be found on your page in Steam.
    2. Your trade link is securely encrypted and stored in the site database.

    Additional Information:

    1. We pay for found vulnerabilities and bugs. Taking into account only those vulnerabilities that have not been published and are used in humans. Please contact the support and attach video / screenshot.
    2. We are open to proposals for cooperation with the tape drives. Please do not ask you to fake the win - it's impossible. With other offers and information of your channels / write support for Stream.
    3. Read about the private system can determine the winner on a special page - here.